Ozzy is young strong male with very nice nature and extremly good character. He has full and strong grips, extremly high prey drive and very fast attacks on protection. Ozzy is not suitable for breeding because of not descended testicle. Ozzy is suitable for top sport, family or personal protection.

Ozzy Ozzy


Henrik vom Wolfsheim
IPO 3, FH 2, part. WCH WUSV, HD/ED normal
Kinski vom Heidhof
IPO 3, SchH 3, HD/ED normal
Sid vom Haus Pixner
SchH 3, FH 2, HD/ED normal
Aiax vom Haus Hartmann
IPO 3, World champion IPO-FH, HD fast normal
Mary vom Haus Pixner
IPO 1, HD normal
Cora von der Berger Hochburg
SchH 3, IPO 3, FH 1, HD normal
Aron vom Bracheler See
SchH 3, HD normal
Forma von Karthago
SchH 3, HD normal
Fina vom Wolfsheim
SchH 2, HD/ED normal
Phalko vom Weinbergblick
IPO 3, FH 2, part. WCH WUSV, HD/ED normal
Cherokee von den Wölfen
SchH 3, HD/ED normal
Ines vom Weinbergblick
IPO 3, HD normal
Noditha vom Teufelsgrund
SchH 3, HD normal
Andy von der Lemper Heide
IPO 3, SchH 3, FH 1, HD normal
Emma vom Teufelsgrund
SchH 1, HD fast normal
Nora Galan Nalag
IPO 3, HD/ED normal, DM N/N
Rosso Vikar
IPO 3, HD/ED normal
Ängsbacken's Rosso
IPO 3 WUSV World champion, HD normal
Kimbo von Karthago
IPO 3, SchH 3, FH 2, HD normal
Satoris Yolly
IPO 3, HD fast normal
Bauli Vikar
ZVV 1, HD normal
Ellute von der Mohnwiese
IPO 3, FH 1, HD normal
Eli Va-Pe
SVV 1, HD normal
Sorbona Favory Cross
IPO 3, part. WCH WUSV, HD/ED normal
Charik Galan Nalag
IPO 3, SchH 1, ZVV 1, part. WCH WUSV, HD/ED normal
Gringo von der Mohnwiese
SchH 3, part. WCH WUSV, HD normal
Babeta Galan
IPO 3, SchH 3, ZVV 2, HD normal
Kessy Eqidius
IPO 2, SchH 3, HD normal
Roland Eqidius
IPO 3, SVV 1, HD normal
Nancy Eqidius
SVV 1, HD normal

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